Invader Consultant Course

Weed them and reap! Weeding out invasives. A weed is just a plant that grows in the wrong place? Not necessarily. Many ‘common’ garden plants that are to be seen in people’s gardens around the world could in that case be called weeds - if they’re growing in an area that has classified them as an ‘alien invasive species’. But that doesn’t make them weeds. Just unwelcome. This doesn’t just apply to exotic or non-native plants either. One needs to remember that although South Africa is one country, it has many different biomes – and not everything that grows there is welcome in other provinces or biomes. Many indigenous South African plants have been deemed to be ‘invasives’ if they are now gro

Horticulture 1 Course

So .. You love plants. You’re a dedicated amateur gardener. You learned about planting and growing things at your mother’s or grandmother’s knee. You now have your own garden and are keen to create your own outdoor ‘living’ room. Or grow your own vegetables to lessen your carbon footprint. Or like some dedicated foodies, grow unusual varieties that aren’t available in stores. Or you want to become a career gardener, and make a name for yourself in the Green Industry, as a designer or landscaper. (Or in some cases, you join up, thinking I’ll just do one course to see if I like it, then do every single course available, consider going into landscaping, and then decide to go the route of educat

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