Using Software to Design Landscapes

Using software to design landscapes – Real Time landscape Design is the one we use also include AUTOCAD. Plan Before you Plant Not everything about landscaping or garden design is about playing with plants. There’s a whole lot of planning that needs to go into the design and implementation before you even touch some soil. How would you like to be able to do it without even leaving your chair? (Although of course, we gardeners just love to play in the dirt! Yeah, at the moment baby, it’s cold outside! Or you may be in a rainy period, so traipsing through mud leaves a lot to be desired.) Well, it can be done. Landscaping software has been brought onto the market which allows you to create a la

Succulents are Trending

Succulents are hot! Once the preserve of dusty rock gardens, or small pots in the front room, the plants we grew up seeing in Granny’s parlour have become the firm favourite of gardeners, interior designers and stylists. Millennials are taking these minimalist plants on in their small space homes and loving them as they’re cool and hip, partly because they are perceived as not so traditional. Gardening and interiors blogs on social media are filled with succulents – but what’s all the fuss about? Well, probably because they’re pretty much dummy proof. Apart from being waterwise – the watchword not just in South Africa, but many other water-stressed countries around the world – they’re beaut

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