September Newsletter

What’s in this September newsletter? Open Gardens Loyalty Cards Lifestyle College Design Studio Jozi Carnivores Parking on Saturdays SANA Stand Saturday Show Garden Group SALI LIA Courses on Offer Message from Richard: Spring is just around the corner, with the odd cold spell here and there. Spring always signifies a renewal in the garden and an opportunity to do some work to ensure that your summer garden is amazing. Hopefully you are all busy doing your lawns and pruning your roses. Nothing better than seeing the new, green shoots push through the lawn dressing and the new rose buds swell and push out new leaves. After much consideration, the decision was made to terrace my garden this win

Get that Garden in Shape for Summer

Winter. The lazy time of the year. In many, many ways. Think about it - did you sit around doing not much exercise, and you’ve now realised you need to shed a few pounds, that it’s time to get that body back into shape? Much the same probably happened in one’s garden, with things possibly going pear-shaped out there too! But fear not – there’s time to get everything into shape for summer – all you need is a plan….. There’s a wonderful feeling that arises in one’s body – much like the sap rising in plants – that for many people heralds the coming of spring, and an end to the dry, dusty coldness that we endure over winter (although, we are so lucky our winters are so short!). One can almost se

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