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Lifestyle Garden Design Show 2017

Lifestyle Home Garden and the landscape design students from Lifestyle College are once again bringing forth the ultimate event on the South African gardening calendar from 11 February to the end of May 2017.

20 years of landscape design excellence and garden constructing experience culminates to create the 20th annual Lifestyle Garden Design Show. This year boasts mastery landscape design, relevant gardening inspiration and garden displays of breathtaking proportions! So let your senses be astounded and your creative juices beautifully stimulated by Lifestyle Garden Design Show 2017!

As the practical component to the landscape design course at Lifestyle College, the Lifestyle Garden Design Show is a spectacular showcase of landscape design mastery and gardening excellence. Conceptualised and constructed by the full time and part time landscape design students these exquisite and awe-inspiring gardens are the product of a landscape design program at the internationally accredited Lifestyle College of Landscape Design.

Positioned as it is at the beginning of the year – in peak growing season – the Lifestyle Garden Design Show not only gives people the impetus needed to get out into their gardens to do something new and improved for the coming year, but also gives us the ideal opportunity to showcase to you what we see as the pertinent considerations and most contemporary concepts when it comes to what’s hot and happening in the green world. From the newest plant varieties and the most desirable wall and floor treatments in this season’s top colours, to innovative use of gardening products and accessories – all this and more will be on show; an explosion of colour and scents for all who visit.

This year 10 concept gardens, with one flowing seamlessly into the next, are going to celebrate excellence in diverse yet thoroughly contemporary South African style...

With emphasis these days on smaller, more manageable and yet inspirational outdoor living areas, patio spaces and balconies are being utilised to bring the outdoors in – and vice versa. The gardens on show incorporate clever water saving ideas, ways of making your small spaces look larger, showcasing exciting ways to express our inter-connectedness with the world above, below and all around us and turning every available outdoor area into thoroughly chic gardens.

With the focus ever more on ecologically sound and location-appropriate design, specific gardens have been chosen to represent the radical departure from the generous swathes of water-guzzling, high-maintenance annuals and perennials of the past. These gardens highlight the use of succulents and low water usage plants, as well as how to zone your garden using both exotic but mainly indigenous varieties. Additionally, focusing on alternative watering concepts and easy to implement irrigation appliances, because when it comes to irrigation - being water wise is not as hard as you might think!

Growing your own herbs and vegetables has become one of the ‘sexiest’ gardening trends for people of all ages. Being in control of what you put into your body seems de rigueur these days and three small space vegetable gardens will give visitors new and fresh ideas on how to create an edible garden in any area.

There’s no fence sitting when it comes to the Show gardens at Lifestyle – they’re always inspiring, memorable and vibrant!


  • Progress of all the show gardens – which are built over a period of 3 weeks – are up on the Lifestyle College Facebook page and Instagram account (@lifestyle_college), as well as the Lifestyle Home Garden Facebook page and Instagram account (@lifestylehomegarden). This is sure to keep keen gardeners up to date with all the fun and brilliance as it unfolds!

  • The show gardens will be featured on a couple of episodes of The Home Channel’s current season of “Gardening 101” in February so be sure to look out for those.

  • Lifestyle Garden Centre also boasts a great children’s play area, with a roller coaster and lots of other fun rides for kids. You can sit and enjoy a scrumptious meal while your children have fun, at either Primi Life, Silver Birch or Moroccan Lifestyle. Make a day of your visit, take your friends to lunch, or just take a load off and enjoy some fantastic coffee.

  • Lifestyle has incredible specials released the week that the show opens. Grab these specials before they all disappear – check out our specials on and in store for our colour printed leaflets.

  • For all food lovers - come and taste the lovely range of food products at the Lifestyle Gourmet Market, including cheeses, specialty breads, balsamic vinegar, jams, olives and divine chocolate.


Event: Lifestyle Garden Design Show

Date: 11 February to end May 2017

Venue: Lifestyle Home Garden

Beyers Naudé Dr & Ysterhout Ave

Randpark Ridge

Entrance: Free

Contact: Lifestyle Home Garden on (011) 792 5616 or

Lifestyle College on (011) 792 8244

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