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  • Open Gardens

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Lifestyle College Design Studio

  • Jozi Carnivores

  • Parking on Saturdays

  • SANA Stand

  • Saturday Show Garden Group

  • SALI

  • LIA

  • Courses on Offer

Message from Richard:

Spring is just around the corner, with the odd cold spell here and there. Spring always signifies a renewal in the garden and an opportunity to do some work to ensure that your summer garden is amazing.

Hopefully you are all busy doing your lawns and pruning your roses. Nothing better than seeing the new, green shoots push through the lawn dressing and the new rose buds swell and push out new leaves.

After much consideration, the decision was made to terrace my garden this winter. Along with this new idea was that my rose garden was going to be assigned to the compost heap. Don’t ask what happened but all the roses are back and more have been purchased, including one called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I am now up to 40 odd rose bushes. The best thing for me is that the plant design guru, Debbie, has offered to interplant my rose beds. Many rose growers strongly believe in not interplanting rose gardens but after several years of not doing this it is time for a change.

No guessing where the rose pruning workshop will be taking place in 2018!

Enjoy your spring garden.

Open Gardens

There are many open gardens happening in the next few months. A new magazine, Open Gardens, has them listed. It is always great to visit these gardens for inspiration.

Lifestyle Loyalty Cards

Lifestyle Home Garden has launched their new loyalty card. If you have a discount card from the college this is no longer accepted. Apply in-store for your loyalty card. The loyalty team are directly opposite the inside information desk.

Lifestyle Loyalty Club Students earn 10% cashback on every shop that you do at Lifestyle Home Garden and 2.5% cashback on every shop that you do at Mica Lifestyle. This 10% and 2.5% cashback does not apply to products that are already on promotion and those excluded from the cashback system.

Lifestyle Loyalty Club Students can earn additional discounts on selected already discounted items (as advertised in-store and via our social media platforms upon the discretion of Lifestyle Home Garden management) as well as exclusive discounts in the form of cashback on certain products, product groups, entire sections or even everything on certain days (as advertised in-store and via our social media platforms upon the discretion of Lifestyle Home Garden management).

In order to receive a Lifestyle Loyalty Club Students card you must adhere to the following conditions:

  • You must be a registered full time or part time student at the Lifestyle College.

  • A copy of your proof of registration must be provided.

  • Once your course is completed you may apply to be moved to a Lifestyle Loyalty Club Landscapers card, if you pursue Landscaping as a career, where after your accumulated cashback will be transferred over to your new card. If you do not enter the landscaping industry after your course is completed, you and your accumulated cashback will be transferred to a Green Lifestyle Loyalty Club card and you will relinquish your student benefits.

  • All conditions must be adhered to in order for Students and Landscapers to retain their associated status. Following one year of unmet conditions, cardholders and their accumulated cashback will be transferred to the Green Lifestyle Loyalty Club Card and will automatically relinquish their Student or Landscaper benefits.

Have you seen the new Lifestyle information desk?

Lifestyle College Design Studio

The Lifestyle College Design Studio is in full swing with exciting projects in the pipeline. The studio is the ideal opportunity for you to learn the secrets of operating in the landscape industry.

Follow our talented landscapers from the first client meeting to the final handover of a project – a learning experience like no other! The best thing is that it is free!

For more information chat to Ruben Schroeder.

Jozi Carnivores

A supplier of carnivorous plants. They are looking for two people to assist them with their schools teaching programme.

Successful candidates must have the ability to speak to a group and be comfortable interacting with children.

Contact : Renee Mendelow on 082 856 9876 or for more information.

Parking on Saturdays

As it is peak season for Lifestyle Home Garden, centre management has made provision for the college students and staff / lifestyle staff and tenants to park in secure parking in the Lifestyle River Front Office Park on Bosbok Road (behind Lifestyle Garden Centre). An access card can be obtained from Helen.

There is a shuttle to run you up and down to the centre.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

South African Nursery Association (SANA)

Twice a year SANA brings suppliers together from all over the country to display their goods under one roof.

This spring the college stepped up its stand at the show.

Thank you to Ruben, Dick and the full-time students for putting the stand together. A great stand!

Saturday Show Gardens

A reminder to our Saturday students who are doing the show gardens in 2018, there will be a workshop and a garden built at the February show. Mike and Ruben can provide you with more information.

South African Landscape Institute (SALI)

Dez Whitehead from SALI will be visiting you on pre-arranged days to inform you of the benefits of belonging to SALI and what SALI is doing to make the public aware of using qualified landscapers.

One of our lecturers has been asked to sit on the SALI board and we await the exciting news. We will reveal all shortly.

Landscape Irrigation Association (LIA)

We are proud to announce that we are now a member of LIA.

LIA represents irrigation specialists throughout South Africa and is the only body that registers professional irrigation companies.

George Condes has been invited to come and chat to you about the benefits of LIA and using members from LIA to do your clients’ irrigation systems.

Courses on Offer

Horticulture 1

Learn how to maintain healthy soil, identify what nutrients your plants need and identify and control pests and diseases.

Date: 30 September, 7 and 14 October 2017

Time: 09h00-16h00

Cost: R2,970-00

Fruit & Vegetable Gardening

Grow your own fruit and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle.

Date: 28 October, 4 and 11 November

Time: 09h00-16h00

Cost: R2,970-00

Growing Herbs

Grow your own herbs.

Date: 18, 25 November and 2 December

Time: 09h00-16h00

Cost: R2,500-00

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