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Garden Party

It’s Summer. It’s party time! And although we may be halfway through the growing season, it’s never too late to put in some new plants. Especially those that will happy up your festive season, either visually or tastefully...

It’s a wonderful time if you’re staying put for the holidays to get out into the garden and brighten up any little spots that may have been dragging your space down. Consider a bright colour scheme, using some of our fabulous indigenous beauties, such as Cape honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis) or Pride of De Kaap (Bauhinia galpinii), to revitalise a drab wall or vertical space. These climbers will provide a blaze of colour, and a great backdrop to some cooler coloured plants that will set the tone for your midsummer dream.

When we say cooler colours, we mean of course those that will give the feel of ‘chill’ – the blues and whites which are such a calming colour scheme. Agapanthus in all shades, blue Scabiosa and Felicia intermingled with white daisies, will create a classy colourway – and are all waterwise too.

If you’ve left it a bit late and are looking for a dash of speedy colour, check out the amazing array of instant colour – those annuals. They can be popped in anywhere – hanging baskets, pots, the front of your beds. There are also so many that could add a traditional festive colour scheme to your patio and garden – yes, we’re talking green and red here, so change things up for a month or so and use splashes of brightness to bring in some Christmas cheer. Salvias, Pelargoniums and Petunias are cheap and cheerful, and tough enough to handle the lack of care you may be able to afford while you’re lazing away (or partying away) the holidays.

If you like the combination, and are keen to have a colour scheme that’s longer lasting, red, white, silver and green are a gift that keen on giving, one that you can enjoy year after year. Helichrysum, Lambs’ Ears andLavender will add the gentle grey hues that will perfectly offset the bright reds, softening the edges while giving you a garden that’s picture perfect.

If you haven’t already rooted yourself in the growing trend of growing your own, this is the perfect time to consider creating a kitchen garden. Just imagine – a garden designed for parties, crammed with herbs and fruit all ready for the picking which can be used to make sublime cocktails and other refreshing beverages.

Garden centre shelves are crammed with all the ingredients you need to make your season a tasty treat. Strawberries, celery, tomatoes, mint, pineapple sage and lemons (no summer drink is complete without a slice) are vying for your attention to tasty up your treats and add a splash of summer colour to your space.

So just because it’s that time of year, here are a few great summer cocktail recipes – which you can whip up in a jiffy, using produce from your own backyard.

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